Trying again

It has taken a payment reminder from WP for me to look at this blog again. Jeez, the last entry was before the pandemic even started - oh those halcyon days! How life has changed, pandemic wise and baby wise. Our bundle of joy is 3.5 years old, but feels like she is both older … Continue reading Trying again

Like buses… that you wait ages for one post and two come at the same time. I'm sat on a bench in the park whilst the little one has her morning sleep. She's had a busy morning playing in the local park play area. It went from not very busy to absolute madness. Anyway, I thought … Continue reading Like buses…

Oh boy!

A phrase exclaimed by the fictional lead, Dr Sam Beckett, of the great sci-fi drama 'Quantum Leap', was something I felt like saying in the early days of fatherhood and still do now, but less so nowadays. I now stare at my gorgeously cute 14 week daughter as she plays on her bouncy chair, plays … Continue reading Oh boy!