How it all started

Apologies in advance- a lot of shit has happened the last few years for my fiancée (E) and I.

E and I met through online dating. We met via a site called Guardian Soulmates. I’d used it several times in the past without success, but for E it was her first time. I thought E was very attractive when I first saw her and loved reading her blurb. I first contacted her in Sept 2009 but got rejected. Then I saw her profile again in Nov 2009, contacted her and she replied. We met and the rest is history…

I was just grateful to meet someone so lovely as E and we got on like a ‘house on fire’. We had lots of similar interests and after 8 months we moved in with each other. For me it was very scary. I’d never been with someone as long as a few months, let alone live with them. E, on the other hand had been in several long term relationships before, so was experienced, relationship- wise.

Eventually, indirectly, the thoughts for trying for a baby came on the horizon. Never did we think that it would be hard. E had miscarried in the past with her previous partner- a sad episode, but proved she was fertile.

I, on the other hand, had not been with many women sexually and was not that experienced. A mixture of shyness and low self confidence meant I was always the friend rather than the boyfriend. But watching all my friends pair up and getting bored of ‘going out on the piss’ and ‘trying to pull’ each weekend meant online dating was more attractive. Plus the stigma of computer dating had gradually disappeared as the pool of single young professionals had increased.

But try as we might, it just didn’t happen and so the start of our fertility hospital journey began.

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