Searching for Pablo

When we told our family what Dr X had said to us in our first fertility appointment regarding the Chilean sperm available, pretty much all were shocked and disgusted that it was even suggested. We, too were initially shocked, but then became quite amused by the suggestion.

As mentioned in an earlier post, euphemisims are often used to deal with difficult subjects and as such humour and comedy is often used to make difficult topics more digestable.

With no previous knowledge of Chile except knowing where it was, a few days later, E and I decided that if we went down the Chilean route and got a boy we would call it Pablo. No reason why. I don’t even think Pablo is even a Chilean name. By using humour, it lightened some difficult conversations.

But this black humour gets worse. We decided that if it was a girl baby we would call her Coco the 3rd.

Ok. I’m sure this will either disappoint you all or result in you rolling on the floor with laughter. The genesis of Coco the 3rd is this:

My sister, S, had a hamster when she was young, called Coco. Coco sadly died from some hamster-related illness, so my parents bought her a second, identical hamster which she also called Coco (Coco the 2nd, in fact). Well S loved this hamster to death- but it literally strangled itself trying to escape from it’s cage after previously doing the hamster equivelant of the Great Escape a week earlier.

So. In order to deal with the stress and heartache of having to wait for fertility treatment and E’s gynae issues, we concocted this strange search for our future babies, who would either be called Pablo, the Chilean boy or Coco the 3rd, the 3rd non-hamster offspring girl.

I suspect everyone thinks E and I are mad or having a breakdown, but maintaining some humour in this horrible rollercoaster ride keeps us sane!


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