20 mins overrunning as per NHS, we finally saw Dr Z again. As per usual, he seemed to not know why we were there. We explained we were there for the results if the HSG (dye test).

He looked at the scans and the report.

I had a quick peak at the scan- it looked like one tube was patent.

Then he spoke.

‘Your tubes are fine’ or something similar. ‘Your uterus has a good shape too’.

He did a good job! 5 hrs lap myomectomy. But then he seemed to query the report and thought aloud about whether he should double check with a laparoscopy. He decided to do his patient-centred bit (instead if the usual paternalistic hospital way) and asked us if we wanted a laparoscopy.

‘No (!!!!!!!)’

The report says its good- so it’s good! He agreed.

E was ecstatic. I was quietly happy.

Next stage was to fill in some forms regarding paternity because we’re not married, yet.

And the he said we needed to book an IUI Plannjng session. Wow!

It seems we might not see him again.

He brought us hope. We left with him saying:

‘Have a happy baby’

We hope so!

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