It’s not been all doom and gloom for us over the last 4 years. Yes there have been tough times, but we have our distractions which make life bearable, such as:

1) Holidays- we both love going away. In the nearly 5 years we’ve been together we have gone to: France, Majorca, Bali, Santorini, Turkey, Sharm el Sheikh, Italy. Salzburg, Munich and an epic 5 week fly-drive around America. Alas there not always enough time and money to go away a lot, but recently we did a stay-cation in Cornwall.


2) Films- we both love going to the cinema, watching DVDs/ blu rays, netflix and listening to the Kermode & Mayo Film Review podcasts. E tend to like art house flicks whereas I like mainstream and cult classics.

3) Music- I love listening to music but tend to listen to the bands I know regularly but open to new things via Spotify and E, who has good music tastes plus she listens to BBC 6 Music daily. I far prefer seeing gigs and have seen some amazing bands and solo artists.

4) Food- We both love food. I have a sweet tooth and am partial to the occasional Cadburys Dairy Milk with Oreos bar. We love making food and going out to eat. But for this fertility journey, E has lost a staggering amount of weight- 5 stone/ 34 kg and I’ve tried to lose some weight just to be healthier!

5) Sport- I’m no athlete, but find exercise is good for de-stressing. I’m not a fan of running. I’m no triathlete, but I live racket sports and pretty good badminton player. I play one a week and feel better for it.

6) Guitar playing- a recent addition. I’ve owned an acoustic for 18 yrs and played on/off over the years- mostly off. But since Jan I’ve joined a guitar class and happily learning some songs. Not quite busking standard yet.

So, yes we have a life outside of this fertility journey and if a baby does come on the scene in the future, some of my and our distractions may take a backseat but we will try and enjoy our lives as best as we can, even in the dark times!

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