On the first step of the ladder

Today, E and I met the specialist nurse who will (probably) continue our fertility journey with us for the time being.

Based on the HSG result (tubes patent), good LH, FSH and AMH levels, target BMI and donor sperm on ice, it was deemed we were good to go for IUI.

So the regime was explained. Short protocol: ultrasound scan at day 1-3, followed by 5 days of stimulating injections, then another scan to find 1-2 follicles of optimum size 14mm, then an injection to stop impending ovulation, then donor sperm ‘shot in’ and ‘bish bash bosh’ hopefully ‘IT’ happens.

The 4 year journey up to the first step of the fertility ladder has made us cautious and cynical and scared of believing it could work first time.

There’s many blogs out there in the blogosphere describing infertility and assisted conception experiences- good and bad. The blogs are a double edged sword- opening up a world of like minded people going through a similar journey but also increasing our scepticism levels regarding success.

But, blogging helps me ‘tell’ my thoughts and anxieties. I hope reading my ramblings is helpful for someone else too.

So, just need to wait till her period starts and our 1st cycle of IUI begins!

2 thoughts on “On the first step of the ladder

  1. I completely understand what you are going through. My husband and I tried to conceive for two years before we finally took the leap and tried IUI. We did our first (and hopefully last) round of IUI on Friday. We find out next Friday whether or not it worked (fingers crossed). It is an emotionally draining experience, but I know it will all be worth it once we get our little bundle of joy.


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