Should I have double checked?

I’ve been thinking.

Yes, I know- got to be careful! Could short circuit my small male brain.

Anyway. E period started- never has she been so happy! We’re booked in tomorrow am for a scan pre stim treatment. We are finally on the fertility ladder!

Anyway again. Should I have got a second opinion about me? My balls- y’know shooting blanks!

I had a semen analysis 3 years ago which showed zero sperm- not even a few swimming the wrong way or deformed- nada!

Now I’m a GP. Every other day I will see a man- any age- who looks sheepish or embarrassed and I know I have to feel his balls. So I know what size they should be!

Mine are the size of almonds. They’re small! I’ve felt all sizes and they are generally bigger than mine!

This morning we were looking at some old holiday snaps I’ve got on Flickr and E said I looked very handsome and the started crying.

Should I have got myself referred to a urologist- had a scrotal scan and biopsy?

To be honest I was treated like I was a lost cause- no sperm meant no chance and I accepted it.

It’s too late now. I don’t want to screw things up. We’re happy at the moment. But if the first round of IUI fails, maybe I should ask my GP for a referral?


2 thoughts on “Should I have double checked?

  1. My husband was told when he was 7 he could have have children (he was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to undergo alot of radiation/chemo). We got a SA in 09′, he was told he had a big fat zero. For piece of mind we got another SA from a urologist that works with our fertility clinic. Again a big fat zero – but we got piece of mind. Sometimes knowing you cant for sure for sure – is the best thing for you. It helped me a lot when pursuing a donor.


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