Day 1, cycle 1 IUI

E had her scan this morning. The nurse was super friendly and apologetic when she was late.

USS scanner no 1 wasn’t good enough to get a photo, plus E’s bladder was full despite peeing earlier. I blame her morning tea!

Post pee and USS scanner no 2 we have 2 ovaries seen with at least 5 follicles seen. Good news!

Next step- 5 days of stim drugs to be given with instructions.

Using my GP bedside skills and the instructions I set up the injector an have just given E her first dose.

She did very well! Didn’t even notice the jab. Here’s the kit:


4 more days of this then a repeat scan at the end of the week. In the meantime, a delivery of the drug to stop follicular stim pre-ovulation and another drug to restart it is due plus a luminous yellow sharps bin.

(Fingers and toes crossed)

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