Day 4, cycle 1 IUI

Early wake up for us both for the drive to the fertility unit for the scan to see how E has responded to the 4 days of stim.

Arrived at 7.45 am to find the waiting room was quite filled up, but our specialist nurse was on time.

Scan showed E continued to have approx 9 follicles with the biggest being 11 mm. So a good response to stim but worries she may have too many follicles. E was anxious about a possible fail to this cycle but I tried to reassure that this was a positive because she responded very well to low stim.

Anyway continued injections and repeat scan on Mon.

Might be difficult to attend all the future scans because I start a new job after my week off. E might take her sister who has herself been through fertility treatment and had a 6 mth old boy via IVF egg donation.

Fingers crossed for Monday !

2 thoughts on “Day 4, cycle 1 IUI

    1. Thanks but E just thought of the worst case scenario whereas I heard lots of follicles and good response to stim.


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