From bad news to good

The last two days have been horribly stressful for both of us.

On Monday, we both went for another scan after having 7 days of stim treatment to see how things were going. E has now gotten used to being a pin cushion and is doing admirably!

We saw a young and friendly nurse for the scan.

The scan showed one follicle had become bigger than the others but then she said her womb lining was thin- about 4.8mm- thinner than she would expect, which could cause a problem with implantation. She did not advise any injection changes and booked us in for a repeat scan today.

We were surprised and E was shocked and upset.

The bloods were all good. The op was a success. Why was the lining thin?

Dr Z, our saviour, had mentioned ‘thin lining’ once- was this an issue? should he have investigated further? why? why? why?

E read everything about it- spoke with friends and her sis. Cried.

I tried to stay positive.

The next day (yesterday)- I started a new job- it was stressful. I came back home stressed and tired and we had a minor row- my positivity had gone negative and cynical and it wasn’t fair to E. I felt terrible.

I apologised and then went to bed early.

Unfortunately due to my new job, I couldn’t accompany E to the scan, so her Mum went instead.

I had to go to work today especially as I’m on-call. The appointment was at 9.15am. I heard nothing and received no text at 9.45am, 10.15am up to 11.15am, then a buzz in my pocket.

The news was not bad.

We spoke later when I was free.

It seems the young nurse may have scanned E’s scar from the fibroid surgery and in fact her lining was nearer 8mm but the main follicle was gone- ?a cyst ?incorrectly measured. A senior nurse got a second opinion and reassured E all was fine.

Thank God! (figuratively speaking- i’m an atheist)

Just like the old dog from my earlier posts- the opinion you get is only as good as the person giving the opinion. Alas this nurse was quite junior and mistook the scarring for her womb lining.

Things are happier again. More stim injections and scan on Friday.

I await the next crisis…

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