Trial and error

Day 20, Cycle 1 IUI.

Every other day, E has been going to our local fertility clinic for a scan, collects more boxes of drugs and occasionally gets follow up calls from the specialist nurse regarding dose changes.

E started on 75 units of Gonal F then due to too many follicles (?follies) developing, the dose was reduced to 37.5 units for a few days, but the follies stopped growing, so the dose was bumped up to 100 units and now three follies have pudged up (our joint description).

E has gotten to know most of the nurses in the fertility unit who are all very anxious she’s ok.

E is doing amazingly well!

Tonight I watched her inject herself for the first time. She has found it difficult to do this for the last 19 days. I (the GP), her sister (who has IVF experience) and her shaky and anxious Mum have all done it so far. But as I’m due to do voluntary medical cover at Glastonbury 2014 in 2 weeks and her sister is away on holiday, it is important she knows how to do it!

This first cycle has basically been trial and error. As a Dr, the doses tried out reminds me of cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy which is basically trial and error.

The insemination phase seems so near but so far.

The positive effects of the drugs and scans has made being around mums or couples with babies a bit easier, but it’s still early days.

I’m off on Mondays, so will be able to join E on her regular scan visits and feel part of the LONG first cycle!

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