An almost tear of joy…

E didn’t sleep well overnight- it was Judgement Day this morning and as such she was anxious.

Today is day 21, cycle 1 IUI.

I gave her morning jab of Cetrotide and then we left early for the hospital because of terrible traffic and even worse parking last week!

But the journey and parking was pain-free, although I parked partially illegally! I might need to look up one of those ‘Hire my drive way’ websites because parking on site is so hit and miss!

We saw one of the same specialist nurses again- E said she was good at finding her left ovary with the scanner! The one with the endometrioma scar on it. We could tell she was anxious because she was being very professional!

E nervously got on the trolley and I sat next to her and tried to hold her shoulder gently.

Boom! Straight in there, the nurse found her left ovary and a 20mm follicle…


That follicle had gone from 13mm to 20mm in a few days with 100 units if Gonal-F. Boom!

The rest of the follies were fine- not too big.

Now the right ovary- one or less follie was needed. Any more than two and this cycle would be cancelled.

One follie measuring 13mm and others were smaller.


We are go for IUI on Wednesday.

E cried with joy and I almost welled up— but with joy, not sadness!


It’s so difficult not to be too positive due to the failure rates. Fertile couples never have this to worry about i.e. the size of the follicles and the fertilisation itself. It just happens.

E called her sister, Mum and best friend.

Alas, my parents are deceased, my sister doesn’t get it and I’ve not told many people I know. So I guess my followers are really only the non-family people that know our good news today!

(Alas (great word!), I won’t be present for the IUI on Wednesday because of work and as a GP it’s difficult to arrange shift swaps with such short notice. E’s sister might be able to join her instead!)

4 thoughts on “An almost tear of joy…

  1. II just wanted to say you enjoy that celebratory breakfast – it’s SO well earned! Wishing you loads of luck for Wednesday. Have been following your journey and while it’s very different to mine, we’re all in the same boat, just with our junk in different trunks. Hope E is okay on Weds and that this is the beginning of a whole other journey for you guys. You deserve it. XX


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