The two week wait

My fiancée, E and I are in the midst of the 2WW, which all infertile couples will be aware of but few outside of the infertility community will have any clue about.

As a GP, the 2WW is very familiar, but for a different reason. In the NHS, a person who is referred via 2WW or Fast Track is someone whom a doctor suspects may have cancer. The 2WW for infertile couples whilst not life threatening can be almost as stressful as a cancer referral.

The 2WW means E has a rest from the daily injections but instead she has to insert a Progesterone pessary (Cyclogest) every 12 hrs for the 2WW period.

Other than a few twinges, discomfort and post procedure spotting, E and I are in good spirits. Life, work and the good weather at the moment is a good distraction.

I imagine the donor spermies are on their epic journey from the lower womb to the mid- Fallopian tube to meet the egg and then hopefully create a ‘miracle baby’.


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