Sadly cycle 1 IUI failed.

E was very upset. I felt numb.

E sensed it hadn’t worked a few days earlier and so did I.

I tried not to fix things. Let her cry. Reassured her where I could.

Now she is waiting for AF post progesterone pessary cessation. When will it start and how heavy?

She had her 1st beer in many weeks- a chilled bottle if Bud Light Lime. It helped numbs things a bit.

I continued to not to try and fix things.

We had a take out and streamed GoT season 4.

E has found her Twitter and Blog followers very supportive.

Our prospective plan is to try cycle 2 IUI at the correct dose and time frame and if it fails, then likely go for IVF instead if cycle 3, to use our last sperm donor sample.

What do other people think?

3 thoughts on “BFN

  1. I am very sorry to hear this. When we first got word that our first didn’t work I had a good cry, felt numb and then a few hours later knew it was time to be positive again.
    For us we decided to do one more IUI and I have just finished that cycle. We decided not to continue after this for many reasons. It is hard to say what we would have done, but I think if we did move on, then we would have do e IVF after this IUI as he doctor suggested a max of two IUI rounds.
    Hang in there, it isn’t easy but you will get through it.


  2. I’m so sorry – was looking out for your post. Such a tough, tough disappointment.

    With regards to doing another IUI then IVF, I might be tempted to go straight to IVF. Lots of my friends have started on IUI and gone onto IVF after a few rounds. It might just save time and you know you’ve got fertilisation.

    I’m so sorry for you and E, though. But it will get better. We all know people who thought it would never happen and it did. I guess our frustration is WHEN!

    Hope you can move on soon.

    PS can you link me to E’s blog at all?


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