Boom- back in there

So, I managed to go with E to her 2nd scan of cycle 2 IUI and the news was good.

2 follies on her right ovary were of a good size and potentially she was go for IUI on Friday or sooner if her LH level suggested she was about to ovulate.

She’s currently on a 75/100 unit alternate day regime of Gonal F with great results.

Her LH result was fine, so she went for a scan today which showed continued development of two follies with a go for IUI in Friday.

Alas, I can’t attend again- WORK! But this regime has halved the journey from the first ‘trial and error’ cycle.

In view of the responsiveness to stimulation, we might go for IUI cycle 3 as it’s free.

This time around I shall be present for the aftermath of the pregnancy test rather than being at a soggy glastonbury festival.

7 thoughts on “Boom- back in there

      1. We’re starting our 5th IUI cycle around the end of the month. We actually got pregnant from our 4th IUI, but it ended in a chemical pregnancy.


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