The Worst Advice to Give to an Infertile

F*%k infertility

In the two years we’ve been struggling with infertility, I have had my fair share of “friendly” advice.


I’ve compiled a top ten list of face-palm advice moments…and yes, all of these things have been said to me (often more than once by more than one person). And impressively, I managed to successfully avoid assaulting these advice givers.

  1. Get drunk:  There is a boat load of research that shows the impact of alcohol on fertility. It’s not good. Let me revert back to my college days, have my hubby help with a keg stand and have sloppy drunk baby making. That’s what’s missing. It’s surely not that I have a diagnosed, real, legitimate medical condition. It’s my lack of wild drunken nights keeping me from a baby…rolls eyes.
  2. Have a nooner at work: I’ve had my body pumped with hormones, tests, procedures, IUI’s, IVF, my eggs were removed from my body…

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