Cycle 2 IUI BFN

Friday was judgement day again but E and I knew it hadn’t worked.

Due to E having a cold that week, her response to the result was dulled and delayed.

Unfortunately because I had a crazy and busy day at work in the hot weather we’re experiencing, E couldn’t wait to have the pregnancy test with me.

It was a solemn evening.

E didn’t feel she wanted to talk, so we did our own things till bedtime. She binge watched Gossip Girl on Netflix- she’s on Season 2 now. I watched the highlights of the 1st day of sports at the Commonwealth Games.

Next day she was more upset as the cold lifted and the result hit her. She cried as we drove to Dartmoor, as we had already booked a weekend staycation near Dartmoor NP.

Whenever we get bad news or the pregnant people on Facebook and life reaches a peak, E feels the need to get away. Sometimes I worry about finances which E knows, but if it helps lift the black cloud, then that’s what is needed!

E feels she should do IUI Cycle 3, whereas I think the odds of success are low and IVF is better. But IVF is invasive, which scares her. Ultimately I’m not the person going through the strong drugs, multiple injections, general anaesthetic and egg collection, so it’s difficult for me to say: GO IVF.

E feels that since 3 cycles of IUI are free, we should do them.

But once IVF starts we need to buy more donor sperm and that’s where the expenses begin.

Between end of cycle 3 and possibly starting IVF we’ve booked a much needed holiday in Cyprus.

In the meantime, back on the IUI train once E has her period.

3 thoughts on “Cycle 2 IUI BFN

  1. I’m so very sorry. 😦 I will be thinking of you both. (And, as a side note, I’m on S5 of Gossip Girl. Ha.)


  2. I’m so sorry to read this. Such a horrible disappointment for you both. Got my fingers crossed that next cycle is the sticky cycle (which sounds gross, but …). XX


  3. I know IVF is so so daunting and is a big decision to make. But honestly, from the heart, it isn’t as bad as you would think. Everything is broken down into small manageable steps. And the injections, well, I won’t go as far as saying their lovely, but once you get going it’s not so bad either. And it was lovely for my partner to be involved with it. He gave me then every day and night, we went through it all together. We actually miss it, it’s a weird feeling. Our first cycle didn’t work, but we are saving like crazy to start number two. Best of luck to you both regardless of which route you choose. The greatest things in life are definitely worth fighting for.


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