Boom- back in there

So, I managed to go with E to her 2nd scan of cycle 2 IUI and the news was good. 2 follies on her right ovary were of a good size and potentially she was go for IUI on Friday or sooner if her LH level suggested she was about to ovulate. She's currently on … Continue reading Boom- back in there


A short staycation has helped recharge our mood and made us close again. Great weather, food and luxuries. For us, Wales and it's Gower region is a 2 hr drive away. We need to make the most of our weekends and good weather!


Last Weds we did the pregnancy test and got the BFN. Unfortunately rather being able to spend time with E, I was committed to working as one of the doctors (as a volunteer) at the Glastonbury Festival 2014. I felt really bad that I was going to be away whilst E was by herself. E … Continue reading Grief