Greater media exposure

Through the medium of Twitter, Facebook and blogs, the world of infertility is slowly being opened up to the masses.

On BBC Radio 4 on 15th August there was a documentary about infertility called: A Family Without A Child.

Here’s the link:

It was a fascinating documentary with so many truths and experiences with prominent figures in the UK infertility scene, but yet again the focus was on women. Despite the title, there was no male voice/ POV.

Just putting it out there: Infertility affects both people in a couple.

Anyway, the documentary resonated with E and led to her telling me about it. I listened this morning with her in bed.

Soooo…. how are we doing on the infertility rollercoaster? Well, we’re just over midway in the 2WW 3rd IUI cycle.

In the meantime at work (I’m a GP), I’ve dealt with new pregnancies, baby checks, miscarriages, men with low sperm counts and fleeting chats about fertility treatment.

E hasn’t quite gone down the route of the extreme and alleged fertility treatments as mentioned in the documentary but her acupuncture sessions are moderately expensive.

I (possibly… actually definitely… stupidly) decided to air my views about acupuncture et al and poked a stick into the hot and volatile embers.

It’s been a while, but I’ve made E cry….

(To be continued…)

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