Making E cry (Flare up of foot in mouth syndrome)

It’s been a while, but I’ve made E cry again.

We’d just listened to a documentary (see previous entry) and then I asked her about acupuncture then I started to air my opinion about that… Oh dear…

Is it just me or do we (well mostly women) undergo a multitude of alternative therapies and rituals hoping that one of them assist getting pregnant but without any evidence it does work?

I sense that saying alternative therapies are just for assisting well being and coping with stresses of assisted conception and not biologically is a no-no.

I’m sure that statement will set off an ire of opinion. E said I was being unsupportive and she felt she was doing the journey alone.


Should I have just kept my opinions to myself? Is being pragmatic a good thing in this fertility journey? It seems the fertility nurses are constantly maintaining the positivity rather than the reality- that’s what E says!

Of course despite my pragmatic views I am not stopping E doing acupuncture (I have no right to anyway!)- I understand she feels it helps her and she believes, unlike me that it works.

I just feel that infertile couples (like us), who are potentially emotionally vulnerable and open to suggestion are being ‘conned’ into taking treatments that have no evidence base it works, whereas there are plenty of stats and evidence worldwide showing the successes of different types of fertility treatment options.

We’ve talked now.

Things tend to bubble up for us because E has been having the treatment often alone in the clinic because I’m working hard and I’m too knackered to chat at the end of the day plus the progesterone pessaries have made E more emotional and seemingly she has become more prone to viral infections.

Anyway, back on the rollercoaster…

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