The next phase of our fertility journey

Sadly our final free IUI cycle failed. E seemed quite upset when her period arrived 2 days later. I was upset too.

One year ago it was an entirely different situation- we were in the post op recovery phase of a myomectomy for a large fibroid, but specifically we had started a 5 week epic fly-drive holiday/ adventure in the USA!

We had such a great time and have been thinking about doing something similar again but on a smaller scale. We’d love to see Yellowstone NP and visit Portland and see how true Portlandia is.

On the day of out third BFN, I tried and managed to get home from work for 2 hours to be with E. A feat in itself especially for a GP!

The previous week E had seen the (fertility) counsellor privately for some support and was given some unofficial advice. It was suggested that we should to try and arrange a consult with one of the other specialist fertility doctors at our unit. Whilst Dr Z had been our saviour myomectomy wise and was a good fertility doctor, we were told Dr A was more holistic, had a smaller nursing team, had greater success and crucially, I thought, was a woman. All good signs for E!

I called up one of the private hospitals locally where Dr A worked, arranged a date the following week and both us felt more positive we had a plan for what to do next. Would she suggest going straight to IVF or sticking with IUI? A female specialist opinion on fertility would be ideal!

In the meantime E is in enforced isolation/ emotional recovery phase and I’m doing my best not to make her cry.

One distraction last night is that we watched an open air screening of the cheeseball classic ‘masters of the universe’ in our local park, where it was dry but chilly. We were lost in the crowd but it was fun nonetheless. It was hosted by a local cult film club and 500 people attended!


6 thoughts on “The next phase of our fertility journey

  1. So sorry to hear about your BFN, but well done for doing enjoyable stuff around this whole mess. Infertility takes over enough of life without needing to put everything on hold. The open air cinema sounds like fabulous fun, as does the holiday. Do it! It will be a happy memory to look back on amongst a difficult time x


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