A much needed break

I sit here by the pool, beer in hand, E in the pool with glass of wine, watching the sun go down. About 25 degrees outside.

We both flew out to Cyprus yesterday evening. Arrived at Paphos airport, sped through passport control, eventually found our car hire office (5km offsite via shuttle bus), then hit the road in a large people carrier (we wanted supermini) to our hotel on the east side of the island, away from the Brit resorts and ayia napa.

E drove because I hate driving in foreign countries. I’ll explain some other time. Because Cyprus was once a British colony, the roads, the cars, the plugs are very British.

We got in last night at 2am. Eventually found our boutique hotel, found our room, had some carrot cake left for us and tried to sleep with the a/c on, but it got v chilly!

Today we met one other couple and the hosts. We slept for a few hours, then drove about to get our bearings, went to a fish taverna, got bottled water and now have been by the pool for a few hours.

E is keen to sightsee tomorrow. I prefer being lazy.

This time away should help recharge our batteries for the next stage if our fertility journey!

Here’s a few photos to peruse/ be green with envy at:



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