Recurrence of my anxieties

On Monday we went for the second private fertility appointment.

In the last couple of weeks since coming back from Cyprus, E has worked really hard to lose weight to get the target BMI of 30.

Whilst I don’t condone these quick weight loss regimes, it seems to have worked. E did a juice diet called ‘Jason Vales 7 pounds in 7 days’ and lost 14 pounds in 12 days (6 days juicing and 6 days fasting at 500 calories). Well today she hit her target.

We went to the hospital and met with Dr A. She was impressed with E’s weight loss. Repeat bloods were confirmed to be fine.

Dr A was very positive but also we felt realistic about E’s chances. It was decided the hormonal tests needed repeating as today happened to be day 1 of E’s period.

It was decided that before proceeding to doing IVF we needed to BOTH attend an introduction to IVF meeting with an available slot less than 24 hrs later.

There was no way I could get an afternoon off work as a GP at such short notice and immediately I felt anxious. Because it was imperative we both attended the meeting together, I felt I could cock up this IVF opportunity by not being able to go, then I thought, shit I will need to tell work the truth because of future time off. That made me more anxious.

Thankfully an opportunity for the meeting a week later arose, but I still had to speak with work.

We booked the meeting and I planned to chat with the practice manager the next day. For the first time in ages I was anxious.

When I got back I called work and managed to sort out the following week afternoon off.

The next day I mustered up the courage to tell my manager about our situation and why I needed the time off. I felt a weight of my shoulders as it was the first time outside our immediate family someone from a work situation knows we have fertility problems.

E was super excited about the news and prospects and is keen to promote PMA (positive mental attitude) and despite hitting her target weight, she seems happy to continue the juice diet intermittently.

Let’s see what happens next week!

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