More distractions

During this phase of our fertility journey, we’ve been distracting ourselves in a common way namely bingeing on Netflix.

Of course, we’ve been doing other things, like going out for lovely meals, going for nice walks, watching films to name a few.

I’ve been bingeing on Heroes, the fantasy TV prog from circa 2005. I’m currently on the final episode of season 2, which I half saw and will proceed to seasons 3 & 4 which I never saw.

E on the other hand has been bingeing on the U.S. version of The Office and with 9 seasons to watch, that’s a lot of episodes to get through!

With Netflix, we have enjoyable distractions whilst we deal with current stresses.

2 thoughts on “More distractions

  1. You think you watch a lot of shows now. Wait until you get that little baby you are working so hard for. There is a lot of sitting around feeding with a newborn. I never watched so many shows! Enjoy!

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