Back to our reality

E has been on the nasal sprays the last few weeks and has been doing so well.

Today she went for blood test to check her oestrogen level to see how the down regulation is going.

I guess we assumed everything would be fine…

I went to work and looked out for the time of her appointment and left time to call her back.

My morning surgery was very busy, so I wasn’t able to contact her when I wanted.

E said despite hydrating and having breakfast, the nurse struggled to bleed her. They rooted around in her arm trying to bleed her but she held it together.

Whilst seeing a patient, I received two calls in succession but couldn’t answer and immediately thought the worst. My heart was racing and I lost my train of thought- especially difficult when your sat opposite a new Mum and her baby.

I managed to ring back but it was ok. The bloods had been sent and were apparently likely to be ok.

Then later a further missed call and I knew the news was bad. I tried my best to get out of work ASAP but it’s been a busy day especially as it’s the half term holidays. Her oestrogen was still up, as she had not down regulated enough. Damn! Another new hurdle.

By the time E got home from a meeting, looking calm, we had a chat and E found solace with Twitter fertility friends.

Repeat bloods for Friday, but we felt a chat with the fertility doctor was needed as the nurse seemed unhelpful as she just blurted out that it could be due to a cyst. I find this need to say something is unhelpful- if you’re going to say something- please think how the person in front of you who isn’t a nurse or doctor might take it!

Responses from E’s Twitter fertility friends suggest that this is not unusual to have higher than expected oestrogen levels and yes it could be due to a cyst.

What with work ramping up volume wise and this, I’m feeling stressed again! Need to be strong for E tho.

Hopefully Friday will bring some reassurances.

One thought on “Back to our reality

  1. Ugh poor E. This whole thing is tough and as everyone has recently said to me, you never know what will happen the first cycle you are on. No one knows how your body will respond to the treatment. It sucks that E has so much trouble having blood drawn. That must be quite traumatic for her. Here’s hoping everything comes together with some tweaking of meds.


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