More frustrations

E is frustratingly having to start cycle 1 again.

The scan on Friday showed there was no cyst but instead a small follicle which was unexpected. Also her oestrogen level had shot up from over 200 to over 400.

The nurses went off and chatter with Dr A who advised starting over.

E is pissed off that this 1st cycle is proving not to be plain sailing. Another hurdle…

I suspect what has happened is that E has started to ovulate which means either the nasal spray is not working or they’ve left it too long for the scan or E’s body is fighting back and refusing to accept the down regulation.

The latter whilst amusing is also annoying and unfortunately like IUI cycle 1, this first IVF cycle will be a trial run.

And so IVF Cycle 1 Take 2 begins today. We collect a new prescription for Norethisterone and E starts again. 😔

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