From dark days into the light

Limbo … my life is in limbo

We’re in limbo.

Between failed IVF cycle, rest and waiting for a period.

Obviously E is most upset about it all… Obviously…

It’s strange. I’ve gone from writing loads of entries for this blog to being to scared to write one- worried about disappointment from my readers. My invisible brethren…

Since my last post, E & I went away for Xmas & new year. E was unwell with flu but once she was better – we got to enjoy our break more!

Back home, the post holiday blues didn’t set in for a few days, but then we re-entered limbo and E seemed to crash psychologically and unfortunately my usually buoyant self got dragged down too.

We hit the pits.

Life felt SHIT.

But, we talked and walked. Picked ourselves up and have entered the light after a couple of weeks of darkness.

I have just been out for several beers with a friend – a much needed distraction! I’m a bit drunk writing this, but I’ve overcome my writers block & hope things continue to be good!

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