Night before egg collection

E has her egg collection as part of her IVF cycle 1 Short Protocol tomorrow.

It’s been a difficult month for us both, but whereas E has actively sought support and solace from her Twitter infertility friends, I’ve kind of pulled back from blogging and tweeting.

E’s had a stressful first cycle- not helped by poor communication by a senior nurse (I’ll explain another day) but she has done amazingly well. I hope my limited skills in mixing the drugs and injecting has helped.

In order to get time off work tomorrow, I’ve had to tell my work, which I understand I didn’t have to do, but felt it was justified when future time off is needed.

Anyway. Early start tomorrow, parking, getting ready for theatre, waiting patiently, eventual discharge and then home, rest and wait to see when we need to go back for insemination.

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