Post egg collection synopsis

I originally tried to write this post when I was in the waiting room but the lack of 3G and app crashing prevented you all reading this earlier!

So, before I get to the denouement, I will go back to this morning.

As expected, E did not sleep well. We woke up to her exceptionally loud alarm which I rarely hear because I generally wake up before her. The alarm was set at 6am so she could take the Rantidine pre-op. She was nil by mouth and I chose not to eat too (as solidarity, I guess). I got some magazines for reading whilst she was in the theatre.

The journey there was uncomplicated. We found some parking off site which was a good sign. We were the first there and then escorted into a cubicle.

Once, twice, thrice after the theatre nurse came in, E had to repeat when she last had something to eat and drink to the anaesthetist, surgeon and anaesthetic assistant. (9pm and 11.30pm btw).


Then at 8.30am she went into theatre.

I went to the waiting room and was surrounded by couples at different stages of their own fertility journey. I had a look at the TV and watched a programme speaking to one of the female sextuplets born in the 80’s. Thankfully the staff switched over from Jeremy Kyle but unfortunately it was to the anodyne Everybody Loves Raymond. Does the lead have a nasal issue?

At 9.10am, the surgeon came out and said it went well. I then saw Dr Z and he popped in to see E and gave me a friendly handshake.

E was awake and raving about the anaesthetic she had. She loves the effect. And so we waited for the embryologist regarding how many eggs were retrieved. E was pessimistic because the pre-egg collection scan was less than expected.

The news was better than expected.

7 eggs.

It’s not the 20 mentioned as being the ideal.

Quality not quantity.

We now have to wait till Saturday to find out when the insemination is.

Let’s see what happens.

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