“not pregnant”

It didn’t work.

As clear as ClearBlue electronic display says.

E is crying. I feel numb.

Despite my last entry, day 4 to today has been difficult.

We sniped at each other and then it boiled over as it often does.

We expected this. 

Well, the expectation is it won’t work.

E has had a terrible time with the Progesterone – nausea, headaches, feeling low.

We are away for a break next weekend in St Ives. Much needed.

Next will be self financed IVF. If that fails, we briefly thought of the options: egg donor, surrogacy, adoption…

Need to call the clinic eventually, to say it didn’t work.

9 thoughts on ““not pregnant”

  1. Oh I’m so sorry that this didn’t work out for you. It has been a long path for you to get this far, I know. We have had some terrible disappointments with our cycles so far too so I truly understand how this feels. Find yourself a great clinic and go from there. You are in the UK right? I have a friend near Wimbledon who had success with a private clinic. Are you in London somewhere? I can get the name of it if you are looking for recommendations.


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