Recovery complete – time to get back on the wagon

It’s been a while since our first failed IVF treatment and the subsequent post-failure sadness and grief. 

It was a difficult time. I was so concerned about E that I even contemplated arranging for her to see a psychiatrist.

Those were dark times…

Thankfully, the private follow up meeting with the fertility consultant proved to be helpful with encouraging words and advice regarding a new donor.

We looked donors from Xytec and from other UK sites. Alas the few Asian (Indian in UK) donors had gone – so much demand.

We took our time. E has been away in France for 9 days having a break whilst I catch up with friends and do some extra work shifts for money.

I have the funds for a first private cycle and plan to do extra shifts to fund more cycles. 

I used Facetime to keep in touch with E whilst abroad. It worked very well and we thought we should use it more often! Alas, one chat was tempered by the news my best friend, who is a year older than me will be a dad soon. 

Another couple with baby. E was upset but I felt it was best she knew before coming back home.

I’m off to the airport now.

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