‘Better than a kick in the teeth’

E’s oft used phrase. It acknowledges getting something better than expectation.

8 follies. 1 more than last time.

I walked into recovery to see a smiling E. The egg collection was a success, although she wasn’t given morphine like when she had the myomectomy, but the GA allowed her to at least sleep a bit. Last night we had a very broken night’s sleep.

The saviour doc (see last year blog entries) popped his head round to say hi. He’s no longer our fertility specialist, but he did the epic 5 hour myomectomy, so he’s keen to see E succeed. 

We got home safely and I did the dutiful thing- made her lunch as per her order and gave her the remote to veg out in front of the TV. 

I am now sat in a waiting room of the local urgent care centre waiting to be seen by a nurse specialist, so I can get a prescription of antibiotics for painful folliculitis of my right pec area. 

I’ve tried to see my own GP (impossible!!!), so I’ve decided to camp out here to get medication. Might take hours to be seen as I’m neither urgent or minor injury but can’t wait the standard 3 weeks at my surgery to be seen and can’t self prescribe.

Will Cameron’s 7 day NHS solve this problem? Who knows!?

Anyway, embryo insemination could be between day 2 and 6, which means juggling my shifts. 

One day. Two waiting rooms. Fingers crossed.

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