I’m sat at in a Costa ‘lounge’ watching people walk by in the hospital walk way, trying to read an article about people who have functional conditions whilst supping my medium (medio) mocha. Trying to avoid the inside of my lip I bit 10 mins ago.

E went in for egg collection 45 mins ago. She knows the pre-op drill. We know it. Almost all the nurses know her. Are we infertility veterans?

I’ll pop back to recovery in 15 mins to see how she is and then we wait for the embryologist to tell us how many eggs were collected.

We know the drill.

People walking by (old and young). Doctors walking by in scrubs. Nurses walking by. Wheelchairs being pushed by porters go by. Cleaners going by. This hospital is vast…

Better drink up. I’ll leave the article for another day. 

Ugh bitter aftertaste. I’m a rubbish coffee drinker!

I hope it’s successful.


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