That rash was…

I mentioned a few days ago I had a painful rash on my chest and thought it was something like folliculitis.

But it was very painful especially when my clothes touched it and I did not think it would ever be shingles.

Turns out it is.

Why, as a Dr did I not think of that? Well the reason is because shingles often occurs when someone is:

  • Feeling stressed or depressed 
  • Have a viral infection 

But I was neither of these. Yup, I wasn’t a stressed GP.

Although I did have a bit of anxiety about telling work about last minute changes but not terribly so.

Anyway, seeing my own GP proved to be a difficult and going to a walk in centre was a waste of time, literally 3 hrs wasted and no nearer the front of the queue.

So I got a colleague to look at it and she said it  was shingles, suggested I temporarily register at my own practice and then got a colleague to prescribe me oral antiviral tablets (acyclovir) and now I’m on treatment.

It can take up to 4 weeks to recover and sleep has been uncomfortable, so I’m dosing my self with painkillers and hoping things improve.

I’m making sure there’s no chance I can spread it, especially to E. But as long as it’s covered up, then she’ll be fine.

Now I can sympathise and empathise with anyone who has shingles! 

BTW, we’re day 2 in 2WW cycle 2 IVF.

(Apologies for unexpected moob and nipple shot)

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