Feels like ages since I last wrote an entry but in fact it’s just over a month. 

I write this whilst people watching at a 30th birthday surrounded by guests I would normally never socialise with. Let’s just say that in the party food on offer, there was no humus, tzatziki, tapas or anything remotely middle class…

We’ve had an enjoyable Summer so far. Away from the stresses of fertility treatment, we went to Majorca and had a fab time. I worked at Glastonbury for a second year, but this time went with a friend. A friend who’s girlfriend is pregnant. E went to France and had a great time. We’ve also had our jungle of a garden extensively landscaped and it looks amazing. 

We really don’t want the fun to end, but E had her period a few days back and for the first time she waivered about moving forward with the next IVF cycle. 

Delaying the start by a month means we can continue to enjoy the Summer. But maybe going forward now in the low season is the right thing to do? 

Some people believe in fate- but I really hope we’re not fated to have no kids.

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