Uncharted territory 

E and I are in uncharted territory.

We’re back in the 2WW which is nothing new, but the circumstances before egg transfer were new.

This is our much delayed 3rd IVF cycle (2 cancellations and last transfer 1 year ago).

Our fertility doctor decided to up the Menopur dose to 375 units, to see if the follies grew better and in greater quantity this time around, because on paper it should be working.

But this time round, from day 8, E started Prednisolone (Prednisone / ‘steroids’) 10mg am and Clexane injections  (Enoxaparin / ‘blood thinners’) pm. The latter injection I gave to her, but the main side effect is increased bruising, but thankfully the needle is smaller.

The development of the follies was much better than previous attempts, resulting in more ovarian related discomfort and bloating feeling for E.

Pre egg collection, E had several follies with several becoming morula and potentially blastocysts.

This was the furthest we’ve ever got and shows that at least IVF cycles really needed to get the best result.

So on Saturday we attended the fertility hospital for egg transfer – 2x early blastocysts. Wow! 

And now we’re once again in the 2WW, but the differences are:

  • 2 early blastocysts transferred 
  • Daily Prednisolone (20mg now)
  • Daily Clexane injections 
  • Scratch test done pre cycle, within 2 weeks 

We’ve been in this position before- we want to be positive, but as all assisted conception couples or individuals know- you are expecting the worst case scenario, just to protect yourself. 

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