“F**k, I want to be sick…”

That's what I thought... It was supposed to be a reassuring scan, our second by Dr Z and our third since the positive result. But the scan didn't start that way. I managed to leave work by 12 so I could get home to pick up E. Our second scan with Dr Z was due … Continue reading “F**k, I want to be sick…”


Netflix has always been great for us as a distraction when going through treatments and generally. Recently my in laws - parents and sister, have joined us on our viewing package and we share comments via WhatsApp. We do watch a lot of shows. Over the last year since the miscarriage, E has found solace … Continue reading Netflix

A doggie

One thing we thought about more often this pre-cycle and a lot over the years is getting a doggie 🐕. We both love dogs although I've never owned one. E's parents had two dogs in succession and I met their last one in old age- a 14 year old, arthritic, likely demented Golden Labrador called … Continue reading A doggie

Scan update

I realise after my last blog, many of you are keen to know the result. I don't want to leave you all hanging...... 😏 .......So  the scan was done by an experienced ultrasonographer at a GP practice open on the weekend. (In the UK most GP practices are closed on the weekend unless they have … Continue reading Scan update