A doggie

One thing we thought about more often this pre-cycle and a lot over the years is getting a doggie πŸ•.

We both love dogs although I’ve never owned one. E’s parents had two dogs in succession and I met their last one in old age- a 14 year old, arthritic, likely demented Golden Labrador called Lettie. 

E’s sister has a schnoodle who is now 5 years old and who is lovely and hypoallergenic. E has eczema.

But we’d love a Labrador and a chocolate type, but I’m worried about money, space, our holidays etc.

I understand that dogs can be of great comfort when struggling through infertility treatment, but it’s a huge responsibility to take on!

For the time being we’ll just wait and see.

Here are some very cute photos of a friend’s golden Labrador when it was a pup. I think he’s 3 years old now?

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