Netflix has always been great for us as a distraction when going through treatments and generally.

Recently my in laws – parents and sister, have joined us on our viewing package and we share comments via WhatsApp.

We do watch a lot of shows.

Over the last year since the miscarriage, E has found solace watching the entire series of the Gilmore Girls and has the Netflix specials left to watch.

I have watched all the Marvel shows. Daredevil has been my favourite so far, but I did enjoy The Defenders recently.

We are both watching Ozark at the moment. It’s much more complex than I expected and think it’s Jason Bareman’s best role in ages!

(As a side note regarding Jason Bateman. Wasn’t he in a TV series in the 80’s with his sister, Justine? E doesn’t believe me. What was it called?)

Shows we’re looking forward to are:

– The Crown Season 2

– Making a Murderer Season 2

– Stranger Things Season 2

– Better Call Saul Season 3

We’d love more Master of None.

Plus E has Amazon Prime Video too.

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