Another reassurance scan needed

Today E is 9+1 day pregnant.

Another milestone reached! 😲

Twinges continue. No smudging. But unsure if the pain is related to her womb, the two small fibroids in the wall of the womb or the cysts in her ovaries. E has got lots going on in there.

Another reassurance scan would be great especially as we get near to E’s joint birthday party with her friend F. It’s touch and go whether she will attend her own birthday if things don’t go well, so willing to have more scans as needed. 

As mentioned, our journey to 12 weeks will be a tense one. And even then, until we get to the stage the baby starts moving, we are still in the dark as to what is going on.

The ‘vanishing twin’ is likely to make any future foetal blood screening tests difficult. We have been told to think about what is best to do ie I assume chorionic villus sampling, but with the 1% risk of miscarriage, we are understandably not very keen.

Our first midwife appointment is on Wednesday. Wow, another milestone! 😲

I’ll call the reassurance scan team tomorrow morning.

3 thoughts on “Another reassurance scan needed

  1. I’m a doctor, so know about how pregnancy happens physiologically and what tests are available, but when you and your OH are the patients, it really doesn’t matter about your medical experience, you ultimately have no control over what happens.

    What is your mission btw?


  2. Would the Harmony test rather than anything invasive work or is that what you mean by blood sample testing being unreliable after a vanishing twin? 9+1 is brilliant. One day at a time.


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