Anomaly scan

So it’s been a busy couple of weeks.

E had her 40th birthday and party. She had a great but alcohol free party and her folks came to visit.

Things are progressing well. 

We went for an EPU scan on Wednesday that suggested she was 11+6 days. Baby looked good. It seemed to wave at us.

Yesterday she went for the anomaly scan ie Nuchal scan. As I was at work, E went with her sister and her 1.5 yr old infant.

The scan was long E said and very detailed. The Fetal Consultant was apparently quite frosty and lacked much empathy which E found odd and she appeared to be pregnant too. But one of the nurses overcompensated by being super friendly.

I watched my iPhone at work with bated breath and finally E called and it was good news. Low risk on the nuchal scan. 🙌Placenta had formed superiorly. Baby was waving and then sleeping.

So next week we have a scan with our assigned Consultant.

E is weaning off the Prednisone tablets; she has been advised to stop the Progesterone pessaries but is scared to; she will continue the clexane injections till next week and start aspirin daily from now on.

Our sleep is terrible but we are happier.

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