An unexpected scan

So we went for another scan today.

We received a letter about it a few weeks back and weren’t sure what it was for. Was it a delayed dating scan? Didn’t the NT scan cover everything?

Well it seemed the ultrasonographer didn’t know why we were there either.

Anyway, we had the scan and it turned out fine. Baby continues to grow well. Approximately 14+4 weeks old. Was dancing about inside E: ‘doing a two step’, The ultrasonographer said. 

We’re still being quite reticence about telling more people. A few more know but still not many. Maybe it would be different if she got pregnant on the first IVF attempt?

E wants to wait till 20 weeks. Maybe till she has more of a visible bump although I can see a slight one now.

Our 15 week midwife appointment is next week and our 20 week scan is being booked.

I need to tell my best friend/ former best man soon and then there’s telling my sister, whom I have an antagonistic relationship with, although that has slightly thawed of late.

Anyway, we’re off for a mini break the next few days.

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