Half way point

I realise I’ve been quiet of late.

Things are going great.

E is 20+1 weeks pregnant. We’re over half way to the finale!

The 20 week scan should have been this week, but instead it’s being done next week due to availability of slots.

We’ve been thinking of things we didn’t expect to be talking about- buggies, cots, car seats, baby changing stuff. All a bit alien but soon to be in our lives.

But, boy buggies are damn expensive! So many to choose from, but everyone says Bugaboo is the one to go for. I’ll talk about it more another day.

I’ve been looking into NCT too because it seems to be an integral part of antenatal classes in the UK. E finds it funny that I’m looking up NCT classes, but there’s a social aspect to it and it’s a way for me to meet other potential new dads. Is that weird? NCT is also about learning to be a parent.

It’s amazing how far we’ve got and literally every week is like ticking a box: a new milestone achieved! Just waiting for the little one to start moving.

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