Somersaults and bladder kicking

It’s been a busy old few weeks.

E gradually felt more and more baby movements and started experiencing the oft talked about ‘bladder kicks’ as the baby increases in size.

We didn’t expect to get this far and because we were unsure (but hopeful) we booked in builders to do up our bathroom. In hindsight it was probably not the best idea.

We planned for E to go and visit her folks abroad whilst the work started and I stayed and worked. Unfortunately, E came back on the two days where we literally have no loo (lavatory) and no shower. Not a great time for a pregnant woman of 28+5 weeks. 😩😩😩




Anyway, hopefully by the end of the week, we will have an awesome new bathroom with a new shower, under floor heating, towel rail and a new bath.

So as mentioned, E is 28+5 weeks pregnant.

We had 3 antenatal clinics today. Midwife, USS and O&G Registrar appointment. The v friendly ultrasonography said baby was doing somersaults. Midwife was pleased with the progress. The O&G doc seem v knowledgeable (and young) but E found her a bit cold and serious.

Overall, everything is going well. Baby is a good size. Heart beat is good and size is 50th to 75th centile. And we saw its face and saw it yawn. Baby seems to enjoy yoga poses.


Post multiple clinics, we went to John Lewis and bought a few newborn baby clothes and further discussed buggy options and ordering.

Everyone is so surprised we haven’t bought most of the baby things already, but as things progress we are slowly becoming less cautious.

Last week I met up with a friend at the pub who has a 10 month baby. We had a v baby orientated conversation over a few pints and crisps. Pretty funny! 😂 I picked up lots of useful points and was pleased he bought the same baby book for dad’s I bought (see previous blog post). He also forwarded me a super informative video about breastfeeding created by the WHO for women in developing countries. I forwarded it to E and she also thought it was excellent. Here’s a link:

Anyway, as the number of clinics gets more frequent from now on and in the next month, we will have antenatal classes, prepare a birth plan and finally find out when the planned Caesarean section date is, so I can arrange paternity leave.

Watching E’s bump grow bigger and bigger together with feeling and seeing the baby on scans makes me excited but also anxious for the future.

This baby will change our lives forever!

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