“Have a happy baby”

Approximately 4 years ago, our penultimate fertility doctor said this to us post myomectomy and today we are sat on the postnatal ward after E has given birth to our new baby girl. 😍

Since our first doctor-led antenatal clinics, we have known E would be having a planned (elective) Caesarean delivery and she has been happy to give birth that way.

This morning we arrived at our delivery hospital, walked onto the Delivery Suite and then were taken to the recovery room, where we met various hospital midwives, anaesthetists and obs and gynae doctors; and then suddenly it was time to go to theatre.

In theatre, E had a spinal inserted into her back (which was uncomfortable, but she was a trooper!) then lay on the theatre bed slightly at an angle, whilst various theatre staff did their jobs getting ready for the impending surgery.

E had a chat with the senior anaesthetist and she checked the spinal was working with a very cold ice spray. Then when everything was A OK, the surgery started, but E was oblivious to it all because she was jibber jabbering away to the anaesthetist and student midwife.

After what seemed like a few minutes but was probably about 20-30 mins, they started lowering the screen and then brought up our new baby girl. 😮

She was quiet, then cried, then they did delayed cord clamping, then took her for her basic checks and wrapped her in a towel. I got to meet our new baby girl, soothe her with my voice, take a photo and then accompany her to E for skin to skin.

Absolutely amazing! She’s such a cutie. 8 pounds 12. A gorgeous pudgy baby. The type of baby E wanted!

And now 12 hours later, E is doing amazingly, getting to grips with breastfeeding. I’ve held her and done skin to skin twice. E has walked around a bit. I’ve texted, Messenger’d and Whatsapp’d family, friends and all and sundry.

Our first night with our new baby will be amazing and tiring.

7 years of TTC, a miscarriage, BFP, Vanishing twin and the whole infertility rollercoaster has ended with a little miracle.

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