Despite everything appearing to have gone well when we left yesterday, when the Community Midwife came today and checked the baby’s weight, it had fallen approximately 12%. The cut off at day 3 is 10%, which meant our baby needed readmission to the postnatal ward for a blood check and a feeding schedule.

E was devastated to hear that baby’s weight had fallen, that she needed bloods and might need formula milk.

She really didn’t want to go in but midwife protocol and the on-call neonatology doctor advised readmission. She felt she failed as with breastfeeding and as a mother. ☹️☹️☹️

The midwife called the ward and booked a bed. We had lunch and then made our way to the hospital. E was both upset and angry.

We drove to the hospital as a three and went up to the ward. We got a new bed in a hot and busy bay and then met our new hospital midwife.

A blood taking nurse soon arrived to take blood. I recommended E left but she wanted to stay. I knew (from when I worked as a Paediatric doctor) this wasn’t a good idea because taking blood from a baby in be very distressing for parents.

Thankfully E was strongly encouraged to go and get tea by a nurse and I stayed with the blood taking nurse. Our baby was very upset but thankfully the blood did come out easily. 😃

Then E was connected to the Medela electric breast pump for 15 mins but based on the output, it was decided that she needed a formula top up. I had to encourage E to allow baby to have it because it wasn’t replacing her breast milk, just adding to it. The midwife sold to E that formula was being used as a medication rather than a replacement for breastfeeding.

Anyway, we are now here to stay for at least 24 hours with a 3 hourly breastfeed, plus expressed breast milk and a top up over that 24 hours with hopefully and increase in baby weight.

This entry will be part 1. I shall endeavour to keep you all updated with our progress.

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