Sleep deprivation: Readmission part 2

I am currently sat in a cafe up the road from the hospital having eaten a panini and had a flat white. 🥙☕️

Since readmission, we have started the 3 hour feeding regime:

  1. Breastfeeding for 20 mins
  2. Give expressed breast milk (EBM) taken earlier and done in arrears
  3. Give formula milk
  4. Express breast milk from both breasts via an electric breast pump for 15 mins

Since 5pm last night to now (10.20am) we have done the cycle 6 times.

At our quickest, we had 2 hours of sleep but sleeping on the bloody uncomfortable hospital visitors seat is a nightmare. New dad’s are not offered beds or even a comfy sofa, so if they stay, they sleep like students… that are not drunk.

Increasingly I’ve become more and more sleep deprived which sucks!

Anyway, baby is feeding well and sleeping well. E is sleep deprived and managing some sleep, but she has a hospital bed.

The midwives overnight have been great. Supportive and understanding. I slso spotted other sleep deprived dad’s staying overnight on the ward too.

I need to get back for 11am to start the next cycle, but will go to the supermarket to get lunch for us both because hospital provided food is truly awful! 🤢 🤮

The plans for later are repeat bloods (the first lot showed a high normal sodium level), possibly iron tablet (Hb 97) and repeat baby weight at 5pm.

Part 3 to follow later.

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