‘We have a plan!’ – Readmission part 3

We did our penultimate and ultimate cycles without too much hassle.

Everytime E used the breast pump, which made her look like a fembot from the Austin Powers film, I had to take the labelled bottle to be put in a fridge for 3 hours, which was on the other side of the ward. A minimal trek but annoying nonetheless.

A midwife came three hours early (3pm) for a weight check but we felt we needed to do it at the end of 24 hrs which would be at 5pm.

Did I mention all the midwives on the ward are awesome? But they are tres busy, so getting medications issued on time can take multiple requests.

At 5pm, our assigned midwife who was super friendly and supportive did the repeat weight check after 24 hours of feeding.

There was good news!

The baby had gained weight and the weight loss changed from 12% to 7.5% meaning we could go home.

E asked our midwife for a plan of what to do after discharge. E felt better for having this plan as she REALLY REALLY REALLY didn’t want to be told our baby had lost weight and needed readmission again.

We decided it was a good idea to buy our own breast pump and found a Boots and Mothercare which had various deals in the local area. In the end, I bought a single Medela breast pump for approx £100 and Aptamil 70ml x 6 Infant First Feed starter pack.

After we left the ward, we collectively realised that we had not been feeding our baby properly after our initial discharge, so going in was the right thing to do!

And so now I’m in bed with my baby sleeping on me, with E sleeping, then in 1.5 hours we do the next cycle of the regime but at 4 hour breaks.

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