Like buses…

…in that you wait ages for one post and two come at the same time.

I’m sat on a bench in the park whilst the little one has her morning sleep.

She’s had a busy morning playing in the local park play area. It went from not very busy to absolute madness.

Anyway, I thought I’d try and explain why I’ve been lax writing this blog the last one year.

Other than the busyness of being a new Dad, I didn’t think anyone who was in our position pre-pregnancy ie the infertility rollercoaster, would want to read about our ‘success’. 🎢

But then I thought, I’ve always used my blog to say things I’ve not been able to say elsewhere and it’s a bonus anyone actually reads them.

One thing I failed to mention my last post was an article published about me (and other men struggling to have a baby) by a journalist called Sarfraz Mansoor (who currently has a semi autobiographical film made about his early life called ‘Blinded by the light’ which features many Bruce Springsteen songs). 🎵

The article was supposed to have been published when we were still struggling pre pregnancy but it got delayed and delayed. I thought I had kept tabs on it, but when it got published, it had our little ones name in it and my OH was VERY UPSET! I manage to contact the journo to get her name removed and the fact the article is behind a paywall makes things easier, but I was proud of the article but should’ve been more careful!

Whilst moving forward with stories and events of the present, I’ll try and recall and update the events of the last year.

As I followed my little one in the play area go up and down the slide, back and forth on the swing and clamber over a train, I watched groups of mums turn up and a few dads inbetween and saw how other parents looked after their kids and thought we’ve done a good job so far, but seeing your toddler upset because some new teeth are breaking through is hard. 🦷

Looks like the sun has gone and it’s about to rain. ☔️

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