Trying again

It has taken a payment reminder from WP for me to look at this blog again.

Jeez, the last entry was before the pandemic even started – oh those halcyon days! How life has changed, pandemic wise and baby wise.

Our bundle of joy is 3.5 years old, but feels like she is both older and younger at the same time. She has settled into preschool and loves it and me and my OH have reclaimed some time together. Mostly going to cinema for matinee shows and having lunches out.

We have even reached that stage of going on primary school open days to see prospective schools for a start in September 2022. Wow time has flown by!

And now after 1 delay and 1 failed cycle we are trying IVF again, but things are different. The desire for my OH to go through all the physical and psychological stress is not as strong. We have a sociable and gorgeous girl. A family of three is lovely, but E worries about here being an only child, except she is very close to her cousins- emotionally and distance. Will having another ‘rock the boat’?

Of course it will!

I’ve found it wonderful and very stressful- maybe more so than I and E expected.

But there’s a reason. Something I didn’t expect, something I didn’t know, something that explains my difficulties now and in my childhood.

Three months ago I was diagnosed with Autism…

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